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Stamp Albums (Mixed Set)

Stamp Albums (Mixed Set)

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Set of five Stamp Albums from a private collector.  The albums contain a mixture of stamps both stamped, unstamped and franked.  Stamps from the following countries:

  • New Zealand (almost one album is NZ only), 1991 Christmas Stamp Issue First Day Cover, Australia, Great Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Maldives, South Africa, USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungry, Italy

The albums are approximately 1/3 full so there is space to continue the collections in these books.

The covers are in very good beautiful condition.

Sold as is.

Item Details:

  • Brand:  N/A
  • Condition:  Stamps are mixed condition i.e. stamped, unstamped and franked.
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