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CBS- Remember You're a Womble

CBS- Remember You're a Womble

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Step back to the 1970s and join Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory, Madame Cholet, Orinoco, Wellington, Tomsk and Bungo in a good ol' sing-a-long.

Womble records don't come along too often so be sure to grab this one while it's available!  This record includes the most memorable track "Remember You're a Womble".  We've been singing it all day in the office while testing and listening to the record.  Because why not! :)

This record is the second of 4 in the series of Womble records created between 1973 to 1975.

Item Details:

  • Brand:  Phonogram
  • Size:  33 RPM
  • Release Date:  1974
  • Publisher:  CBS Records
  • Condition:  Very Good
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