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Blown Glass Ornaments

Blown Glass Ornaments

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A set of beautiful blown glass Ornaments; 2 piece set.

These ornaments (which could be small bowls) are unusual.  Smokey glass coloured, one ornament is smaller than the other, and both ornaments have decorative handles which are all different/unique.  To add to the charm both ornaments are not perfectly round as you will see in the photos.  Something different, off beat, and very beautiful!

Item Details:

  • Brand: Unbranded (no marks)
  • Size:  8 cm tall x 9 cm diameter (lip), 8.5 cm tall x 8.5 cm diameter (lip)
  • Colour:  Smokey Brown
  • Materials:  Glass (the set is quite heavy/sturdy)
  • Condition:  Very Good
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