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The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare

The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare

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An opportunity to own a piece of literature history.  This is the Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, dated 1877.  The book has gilted pages and is hardcover.

Item Details:

  • Brand:  William Shakespeare
  • Published:  1877
  • Publisher:  William Collins, Sons & Co
  • Condition:  Please read the notes following

Condition:  The book has some damage to it, given its age.  Please note the following:

  1. The edging on the hardcover has disintegrated in places and starting to come away from the cover (the orange marks seen on the edges of the hardcover)
  2. The first 4 pages of the book are starting to come away from the spine, they have not fully detached but will over time.
  3. All pages are yellowed consistent with aging.
  4. There are moisture stains/marks on pages particularly at the front of the book.  See pictures for the extent of the damage.  However note the further into the book you go there are no stains of this type.
  5. The front and back hardcovers have started to come away from the spine pages.

Nevertheless for the damage noted above, this is a beautiful book and one for the literature enthusiast, historian or someone looking for a restoration project.

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