Give more meaning to your gifts this Christmas, by giving to your loved ones and the animals.

When you purchase gifts from our Op Shops you won’t just delight your loved ones with a special treasure, but also give a vulnerable animal a new chance at a happy life.

If you’d like to add a card insert to let your loved ones now that their gift is supporting a good cause for us here at SPCA, we have a digital card insert you can print out and pop into your gift.

Buying pre-loved or handmade instead of brand new gives things a second life, saves resources, and helps reduce waste – all while support animals in need. From the top of the island to the bottom, there is always something new to discover when you pop into our Op Shops.

Click here to find a local SPCA Op Shop near you.

Card Insert

Simply download the image file on the right, print and pop in with your gift before you wrap it ❤

Sustainable, secondhand, and saving lives with SPCA!

Thank you for all your support, and have a wonderful Christmas New Zealand!